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Crashing Wayward - L I S T E N!

Crashing Wayward - L I S T E N!

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The acclaimed debut album from new modern alternative rock sensation Crashing Wayward, now on sale for only $8.98 to celebrate the album's one year anniversary! 11 emotionally fueled songs of hope, inclusion, and escape. The music on LISTEN! represents a cathartic release raw in approach yet refined in tone.

“Highly accomplished, genre-defying debut…an album that feels like it’s been created by a band with many years’ experience—tight, polished and very powerful…these 11 tracks of modern alternative rock are exercises in focused songwriting…a formidable debut.” Classic Rock Magazine

The CD packaging is a jewel-case with 12-page booklet containing all lyrics and credits. To learn more about this exciting new band, find them online at and follow them on all social media.

Track listing:

1. Mouth To God's Ear

2. Closer

3. Stranger Days

4 Disco Kills

5. Tilly

6. Shake The Dead Awake

7. Staring At Ceilings

8. Death On Holiday

9. Paper Airplane Heart

10. Breathe

11. Velvets Drawn

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