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KEELWORLD: Signed CD - brand new 2024 music from Ron Keel Band / Steeler / KEEL and more

KEELWORLD: Signed CD - brand new 2024 music from Ron Keel Band / Steeler / KEEL and more

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Jewel case packaging with 12-page comic book-style booklet. Signed by Ron Keel. NOTE: this is your chance to pre-order the CD and be among the first to receive signed copies upon release (August 2).

RFK Media presents KEELWORLD, the new album from veteran music warrior Ron Keel, on August 2nd, 2024, in both digital and CD formats, with the blue vinyl release scheduled for Black Friday (November 29th).


1.       HOLLYWOOD – Ron Keel


3.       MOVING TARGET – Keel

4.       5 O’CLOCK SHADOWS – Ron Keel Band


6.       WEEKEND WITH MY FRIENDS – Ron Keel Band

7.       GUITAR IN THE GRAVE – IronHorse

8.       NEON CIRCUS – Ronnie Lee Keel

9.       FASTER HORSES – Ronnie Lee Keel

10.   TAKING ME BACK – Ron Keel Band

11.   EMBRYO – Emerald Sabbath

12.   CHILDREN OF THE GRAVE – Emerald Sabbath

13. THE LAST BOTTLE ON EARTH – Ron Keel (Alone/Acoustic)

This ambitious project features entirely all-new brand-new music from Keel’s notable projects Ron Keel Band, Steeler, Keel, IronHorse, Emerald Sabbath, and solo material. RFK Media emphasizes that these are not leftovers from the vault or previously unreleased tracks – KEELWORLD consists totally of fresh songs (with the exception of the Black Sabbath cover) and new recordings that capture the original style and spirit of the bands on the track list.

Two singles have already been released: “The Last Bottle On Earth” (Ron Keel Alone/Acoustic) and the Ron Keel Band’s “Hard On The Outside (Heart On The Inside),” which has achieved airplay on SiriusXM and rocketed to #1 on the radio chart.

The new Keel classic “Moving Target” (the first new song from that band in almost 15 years) will be available as an instant download with the iTunes pre-order of KEELWORLD July 5th

And the first new Steeler track in over 40 years, “Give Me Guitars (Or Give Me Death),” will be accompanied by a big-budget music video directed by David Pear (The Dead Daisies), to be released in conjunction with the Black Friday blue vinyl edition. 

ALSO AVAILABLE: the Limited Edition “Director’s Cuts” DigiPak which includes the same comic booklet plus two bonus tracks. The DigiPak version is offered free exclusively to All Access members at

“KEELWORLD is a unique ride across all the musical landscapes I’ve called home the past five decades – from the heavy metal jungle to the red dirt roads of country music,” Ron explains. “As diverse as the songs are, even with the stark contrast between styles, the album has a cohesive sonic identity, and the pieces fit together just as I hoped they would.”


Produced by Ron Keel and Mike Dresch, mixed and mastered by Mike Dresch. In addition to Ron Keel (all lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards):

Ron Keel Band features: Dave “DC” Cothern & Jason Haven, guitars; Geno Arce, bass; Jeff “The Rev” Koller, drums

Keel features: Marc Ferrari & Bryan Jay, guitars; Dwain Miller, drums; Geno Arce, bass

Steeler features: Rik Fox, bass; Mitch Perry, guitar; Dwain Miller (session drummer), Mark Edwards (video drummer)

IronHorse features: Gaetano Nicolosi, drums; Geno Arce, bass; Jay Rusnak, guitar

Emerald Sabbath features: Bobby Rondinelli, drums; Neil Murray, bass; Dave “DC” Cothern & Mike Dresch, guitar

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