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LIVE THE ROCK Volume One CD signed by Ron Keel

LIVE THE ROCK Volume One CD signed by Ron Keel

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15 tracks by new exciting artists from around the world. Crashing Wayward "Breathe" - "When This Is Over" by Ron Keel Band - a brand new fresh cut from THE FIFTH ("Starlight") - the single "American Thunder" by RFK ALL STARS. And 11 more! The 12-page CD booklet contains two blank pages for you to collect the autographs of the artists. 

This is a collection of songs we like by artists we believe in. In addition to bands currently signed to the label – THE FIFTH, Crashing Wayward and Ron Keel Band – we’ve gathered the best in the U.S., Europe, Australia, and South America; and like the bands, the music is all over the map. From progressive metal to throwback 80’s rock, from modern alternative to the swampy sounds of Muscle Shoals and beyond, these acts and their songs deserve to be heard and we at RFK Media are going to do what we can to spread the word.


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